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THE Company   

Bamboobies brand is all about motherhood. They target expecting moms and new moms with various products for mom & baby, including pre and postpartum accessories, clothing, breastfeeding products, etc.

The Challenge   

Our Mayple expert started working with Bamboobies primarily on marketing strategy, SEO and paid media advertising (Google Shopping) initiatives with an overall objective to increase brand awareness and online digital sales in the marketplace.

THE Solution   

  • As a result of SEO implementations, as well as the full marketing strategy with paid social media ads and a Google Shopping campaign, the client saw a +60% increase in page views to the site within the first 4 weeks, and a +75% increase in new visitors via organic search to the website.
  • They also saw a consistent increase in market share over a 6-month period and a +600% increase in ROAS.

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