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THE Company   

BlackLeaves is an up and coming fit tea brand in Australia.

The Challenge   

Their main problem was that they were not able to scale past $500 a month in ad spend. This effectively meant that they did not have a proven way of scaling their business. With stock laying around they needed help quick, because if the stock isn't consumed, it expires.

THE Solution   

  • Majority of their ad spend was used towards retargeting existing customers and website visitors with testimonial based ads. Our Mayple exert initially cut back spend on retargeting to test and figure out the Top of Funnel testing.
  • Nikita used a proven strategy for testing creatives and copy, and setup multiple tests based on the creative they already had running (the testimonial ads). Once he found the winning audiences, creatives, and copy, he setup the client's scaling campaign and started to spend roughly $250/day.
  • After our expert cracked the code on top of funnel, he beefed up their middle and bottom of funnel to have a killer combination of all three.

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