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THE Company   

Corvex Connected Worker™ is an engagement platform for frontline workers in industrial settings. They sell a software application that frontline workers can use on their iPads or Android/Mobile devices when at the workplace, in either a food processing plant or assembly line type factory. The goal of the application is to safely track frontline workers at the workplace and give them the Corvex Connected solution that helps each employee and their teams stay safe, agile and flexible with real-time data and checklists. This was launching right at the height of COVID-19 and became very intriguing to many businesses looking for quick solutions to keep their workers employed, but at a safe "6-feet apart" distance.

The Challenge   

Corvex requested a full-service marketing plan to grow their sales + increase monthly subscriptions of their app downloads. The goals were to gain brand awareness, lead generation and increase market sales.

THE Solution   

  • After a detailed marketing plan + SEO site audit, our Mayple expert increased site loading time from 7 seconds to 2 seconds and successfully indexed branded + non-branded keywords via Google.
  • After proper keyword analysis and competitive analysis, the client's website saw a +125% increase in page rankings in just under 2 weeks.
  • Kelly also successfully deployed 10+ marketing email campaigns over the course of 3 months, receiving an average ROAS of over 700%.
  • Monthly mobile app subscriptions nearly tripled in the first 2 months.

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