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THE Company   

They are North America’s Premium Dessert Company, recognized for providing their retail and foodservice customers with chef-inspired innovative desserts made with real ingredients, a flexible low-cost supply chain, and first class service.

The Challenge   

Dessert Holdings was in need of a new website, a marketing plan , and SEO in Spring 2019. The aim was to reach and connect with two sets of core consumers: their foodservice consumers (B2C) and their retail consumers (B2B). This unique challenge presented an opportunity to create a beautiful, new customizable website that would not only communicate to all consumers, but also have the ability to increase brand equity, product sales and overall brand awareness.

THE Solution   

  • With responsive website build on all devices, proper SEO optimizations made continually, as well as investments in Google Advertising, the client saw an immediate +40% increase in website page views, as well as +50% new users to the site month-over-month.
  • Our Mayple expert focused on a few key critical SEO areas for improvement, including: updates to metadata descriptions, re-targeting original keywords and branded keyword tracking, as well as keyword ranking against top competitors.
  • SEO optimizations also proved successful in moving the clients Google rankings from page 3 to the top of page 1, with a ROAS over 400%.

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