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THE Company   

The English Tea Store was founded in 2003, and is the premier online destination for all of the most well known brands of tea from the United Kingdom, as well as chocolate, cookies & biscuits, Christmas cakes & candies, teapots, tea sets and tea accessories, and a wide assortment of packaged foods. Our founder and CEO is from England, so we have our own in-house expert to make sure we are sourcing the right products to ensure that you have a truly authentic buying experience.

The Challenge   

GROWING A SOCIAL COMMUNITY IN A NICHE MARKET: An online store that is your one-stop shop for English Teas and Tea Sets. They carry everything you need for an English Tea party. Most of their products are made in the UK and are available for purchase to people in the U.S. COMPANY OVERVIEW The brand was new to Facebook advertising and had never run Facebook ads before. They had a Facebook page and posted to it occasionally. Develop a strategy that included organic content development and a strategic paid advertising campaign. The strategy also included regular recommendations, inbound engagement monitoring, as well as monthly analytics reporting.

THE Solution   

  • While the brand had a business Facebook account set up, their follower base and engagement rate were very low as they were not actively posting on this channel. Within the first couple of months Facebook following more than doubled. With the follower growth campaign running for 1 month, English Tea Store was able to generate 17,342 new Facebook followers. The page started with 12,102 Facebook followers.
  • Follower Growth Campaign: Gaining followers was the purpose of these ads. They have targeted specifically to those w/ potential interest in the services and content that the advisory firm shared on their page. The cost per page "like" was an average of 25 cents per like.
  • Brand Awareness / Website Traffic Campaigns: The purpose of these campaigns to spread awareness of the store and highlight products cold target audiences might be interested in. Also, for the cold audience that has never seen or heard of to visit.
  • Remarketing Conversion Ads for Purchases: An intentional and thought-out strategy was put in place around to retarget users who have visited the website and either viewed a product or added to cart, but haven’t purchased.
  • Organic Post Boosting: “Boosting” specific branded content on Facebook and Instagram to increase the reach and engagement of the posts, turning them into a “short-term” advertisement. We targeted these boosts specifically to those who may have been interested in the partcular product in the post.
    In addition to these posts and campaigns, also systemically reviewed all comments and interactions on the company’s Facebook profile, responding to all questions and continuing conversations initated by followers.
  • In 72 days of paid advertising with a total spend of ~ $11,000 produced: 13,469 link clicks (at an average cost per click of just $0.86)
  • 1,126,819 Impressions (at an average cost per view of just $0.13)
  • +17,342 new Facebook followers
  • Helped brand double their Facebook fans and generated 1,553 Purchases in less than 3 months with 683.47% Return on Ad Spend and $78,640.92 Website Purchases Conversion Value.
  • 683.47% Return on Ad Spend
  • 1,553 Return on Ad Spend
  • Along with this content development, I developed and managed an assortment of social media advertising campaigns, while A/B Testing different variations.

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