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THE Company   

George Courey Inc. has been a key player in the wholesale of high-quality linens and fabrics for over 100 years and counting. Today, we supply a vast network of customers in hospitality, healthcare and retail, with a range of linens from top-of-the-line luxury to budget-conscious quality. Looking towards the future, we are committed to creating products that both meet and exceed the evolving needs of our customers.

The Challenge   

George Courey needed help on two fronts. Google Ads to generate more conversions, and social media management to improve brand image. As a company founded in the early 1900's, their brand is extremely well-established, but they needed help to modernize their digital footprint.

THE Solution   

  • We optimized their Google Ads structure by conducting a thorough keywords and competition audit, and went through a whole social media rebrand phase to make sure their brand image was up to par with industry standards and competitors.
  • Social Media Management Increased impressions by 221%
  • Consistent 4-7% follower growth every month
  • 6.8% engagement rate throughout social channels                                              
  • Google Ads Conversions increase by 200%
  • Cost per conversion decreased by 25%
  • Conversion rate improved by 24% (2.8% CR)
  • Click Through Rate improved by 24% (4.7% CTR)

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