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THE Company   

The only quality microfibre golf towel with attached groove brush NON SCRATCH, EFFECTIVE, SMART Made by golfers for golfers.

The Challenge   

Gruvtowl (Groove-Towel) was a new product entering a golfing market full of big, established brands. The product (a golf towel with an integrated brush) was innovative and well designed, but entering a category with no direct competitor meant there was no established product to pitch against. The marketing budget was modest and the stakes were high – the client had to prove the product worked and deliver fast sales to fund future investment."

THE Solution   

  • Working with the client we established a roadmap of key deliverables that would demonstrate the benefits of the product. With the roadmap in place, we created a social media strategy and content plan that would deliver the key messages, in a powerful, relevant and engaging way. We then layered in a highly targeted paid-for advertising across Instagram and Facebook. Using organic and paid-for social was the catalyst for a fantastic brand launch and delivered outstanding results.
  • “Success well beyond our best expectations” D2C sales, corporate sales, audience growth, and engagement all grew. And word-of-mouth and the talkability of the product started to organically generate sales.

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