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THE Company   

Hummingbird produce an alternative solution for parents to take their children to visit a clinic instead of a hospital for a 3-minute procedure to get ear tubes implanted.

The Challenge   

The company was in need of a new website, which combined 3 of their old websites into a single new site. They also needed a marketing strategy to increase sales and overall brand awareness with their new ear tube product. The marketing strategy included a lead generation email campaign, as well as a paid social media campaign and paid search, in addition to SEO on Google.

THE Solution   

  • As a result of the responsive website built by Kelly, combined with a strong lead generation marketing campaign and effective paid social and search ads, Hummingbird's website traffic increased by over +60% within the first month.
  • New users to the site increased by +80% and lead acquisition for demo requests increased x4.

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