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THE Company   

Jumby Bay Island is a private island paradise in Antigua and is one of the most desirable, all-inclusive retreats in the Caribbean.

The Challenge   

The social accounts were not growing, and the content was fairly stagnant and uninviting, leading to few sales for the company.

THE Solution   

  • I could see the imagery, tone of voice, and repetitive nature of the content we're putting people off. With new photos and User Generated Content (UGC), I began to improve the aesthetics and changed the tone of voice so it created a more friendly personality. I varied the content types and introduced new themes as well as added highlights for the first time and improved the hashtags used.
  • I drastically improved the overall look of the social media content.
  • I improved engagement, following, and website clicks.
  • The account turned from fairly stagnant into a much more exciting and interactive profile with increasing amounts of customer comments and messages.

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