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THE Company   

Kelton Global is a consumer insights and strategy consulting firm. They use quantitative and qualitative research to create customer segmentations, drive innovation, deliver brand strategy and compelling communications.

The Challenge   

Kelton Global was looking to restructure their website, lead generation process, SEO, content strategy, and HR recruitment.

THE Solution   

  • By working on a comprehensive competitive analysis and in-depth keyword discovery process, our Mayple expert identified new areas of opportunities online. Gustavo restructured Kelton’s website based on these new keywords and their amazing content, making sure the right target audience was finding the correct type of information.
  • By consistently creating white papers, building links, growing the client's subscribers and updating their website, our expert managed to almost double Kelton’s organic traffic.
  • They also updated and integrated several new features and API’s like Hub Spot and Greenhouse recruiting.

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