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THE Company   

Koh is a D2C eco-friendly cleaning product, launched in 2016, and now selling to over 1M customers in Australia and the UK.

The Challenge   

With a rapidly growing revenue of over $40M in this financial year (2021) and backed up by 60,000 incredible 5-star customer reviews they're taking on the nasty chemical cleaning industry. I've joined Koh in 2018, in the years that followed they expanded to the UK and made incremental growth years. My challenge was that, without much experience, I had to manage 6 people and start this all from scratch.

THE Solution   

I've completed two roles ate Koh. As a Digital Content Manager I supported and led the creative marketing team of 6 people.

I was mainly responsible for:

  • Content & Social Media: strategize, produce, deliver global calendars and high performing content for Paid and Organic Social
  • Email, Influencers, UGC, website
  • SMS- Marketing campaigns: ideate, planning, project management and execution for community growth, sales, retention and customer experience.
  • Brand appearance: responsible for keeping (and developing) strong brand identity, brand voice and brand story.
  • Also supported a rebrand case study.
  • Setting up workflows and processes between teams.

As a Marketing Obs Manager I was responsible for

  • Influencer marketing: develop strategy and briefs, approve influencer outreach/content, analyze campaign performance, re-use content for owned channels, utilize influencers for launches/marketing campaigns, liaise with external influencer agencies.
  • Partnerships: develop strategy, ideate concepts and campaigns, proposals to partners, management and execution of partnership campaign.
  • Content & Social Media: develop content strategy, liaison with 3rd parties developing high performing and engaging content for owned and paid channels
  • Marketing campaigns: ideate, strategize channel execution, planning, project management and execution along owned, earned and paid channels.
  • Measure & report: report on performance of marketing campaigns, gain insights and assess against goals.

Besides that I supported and organised Giving back activities such as:

  • Fundraising for OzHarvest: I completed an 80km Bondi to Manly walk in 18,5 hours as part of our fundraising. We raised $25,000 (=50,000 meals) for families in need of food.
  • Supporting Clean Up Australia: I've organised two clean up Australia events for all of my colleagues to participate in.

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