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THE Company   

Rejuvenan is a digital health platform that leverages Nobel Prize winning medical science to integrate the best of allopathic medicine with a cutting edge program for regenerative health. Rejuvenan’s mobile healthcare delivery system helps people to reverse chronic ailments such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity.

The Challenge   

The main challenges with working on this account were doing a complete overhaul of their creative direction and building a content structure that would help promote their application accurately. Understanding the product in-depth, and the best way that we could bring it to the eyes of their customer base and relevant users was also tricky. Finding original topics to help us build their social media and promoted content is something we have to deal with on a monthly basis as well. To keep things interesting for the users and for their unique community, we ensure a healthy content rotation and hyper relevant ideas.

THE Solution   

  • Our process has been perfected over time. Sometime before the start of the new month, we build out their content strategy and have an involved process with our content creators. From brainstorming sessions to fine-tuning the content, we make sure to bring the right ideas to the table, and then to execution. Once the month starts, the content is ready, the calendar is defined and the captions are individually written to fit the context of our creative material.
  • Over 560% increase in reach
  • 5% follower increase monthly
  • Over 300% increase in content interactions

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