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THE Company   

The Reyjin Sport brand was born thanks to the will of two brothers for whom sport is much more than a simple activity: it is a way of life. Jérôme and Yannick have made it their mission to create clothing that meets the needs of athletes and highlights Quebec know-how. In Montreal for 10 years, we have been keen to use and combine local know-how so as not to be dependent and to find a closeness between all the players in the sports field.

The Challenge   

With the pandemic striking at the wrong time for Reyjin, we had to find ways to gear their marketing efforts towards home workouts. They had only recently launched, so we needed to find good angles for them to stay afloat.

THE Solution   

  • We showcased the fact that it was a local brand, perfect for home workouts while giving technical information about the products.They were also selling sports masks that brought tremendous people to the website and allowed us to retarget and upsell with clothing items.
  • Results were high across the board in terms of CTR and ROAS for the ads for the face masks. From these sales and website visits, we were able to retarget with some upsells for sports clothing, getting a lot of return customers.To learn more, check out our case study here:

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