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THE Company   

The company sells auto parts for Honda, Subaru, and other cars.

The Challenge   

Popular products were often sold out and would take a while to get inventory back in stock. The client also had no prior data from paid advertising.

THE Solution   

  • Facebook & Instagram Ads - The client had a good amount of organic traffic going to their site, so our expert decided to start off with a dynamic retargeting campaign for both Facebook and Instagram. He then started to implement a marketing funnel strategy, where he created top, middle, and bottom of the funnel campaigns. He created two top of the funnel campaigns, one was to get page engagement and likes, the second was to drive traffic to a featured customer blog post. The middle of the funnel showed popular products, targeting people that have engaged with their content, and also added lookalike audiences in there. The bottom of the funnel was remarketing people that have been to the site or viewed certain products.
  • Google Shopping Ads - Our Mayple expert created a Google shopping campaign where he broke it down to a few ad groups, with each promoting a certain product category . He then created campaigns with the top performing products.

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