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THE Company   

Vios (“life” in Greek) is an independent, family-run Mediterranean concept store based in Brighton, UK. We specialise in Mediterranean food and homeware from Greece, Spain, Italy and France and other Mediterranean countries.

We come from Chios in Greece, an island located in the Eastern Aegean sea, famous for its unique masticha produce (mastic resin) and citrus fruit valley. Ten years ago we moved to Brighton, UK where we found a new home amongst a community that shared our values for a more eco, sustainable, healthy living.

The Challenge   

Vios Concept are a hugely successful concept store (online and bricks & mortar) and café in Brighton, UK. They had built up a loyal social media following and now wanted to bring in expert help to manage and grow their organic social media presence and deliver tangible results from social media advertising.

THE Solution   

  • Delta Marketing identified the key differentiators and needs for the Vios customers and brought those to life in social media. Delta’s understanding of, and ability to navigate, online/offline customers through a ROPO model ensured an effective social media strategy was created and implemented.
  • The strategy stretch across all Paid, Owned and Earned channels ensuring every consumer touchpoint was maximised and focussed on delivering tangible outcomes for the client.
  • Delta created and published six posts per week of timely, relevant, engaging, and original content. Delta has successfully delivered organic growth, talkability (with in-store customers referencing the social media activity).
  • Impressions up 129%Audience Growth up 48%Engagement up 14%

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